4 of the most common snoring solutions
snoring solutions

With so many different types of snoring solutions available, it is natural for anyone to get confused while choosing a suitable one. Here is a brief description of 4 of the most commonly known snoring solutions to help you pick the best one for your unique snoring problem.


The most common solution of all is a mouthpiece. This is usually the first choice of any snorer. These prove to be helpful for almost everyone for many reasons, like: it counters the main cause of snoring instantly i.e. to open the airway in throat for normal breathing, backed by clinical research, these are tested to be fully comfortable to wear whole night long, and most importantly these devices are customizable for different jaw sizes.

Based on its popularity over other solutions, stop snoring mouthpieces receives highest recommendation from medical practitioners.

Chin Straps

2nd most popular snoring solution is the chin strap or chin up strap. This device works exactly same as its name. It helps us eliminate snoring simply by holding the jaw (chin) upwards and also keeps the mouth closed. It fits around the back of the head and the front holding the chin. There are several different designs and materials but they all work in the same way.

Users have mixed reviews about this snoring solution. Almost all users experience instant reduction in snoring but some prefer a mouthpiece over a chin strap, while others feel more comfortable wearing a chin strap.


One of the other few commonly chosen snoring solution is the anti-snoring pillow. These are not new to the market, so many must have already tried one of these. As per user reviews, some of the anti snoring pillows are found to have strong chemical smell and so they do not work for many people. The other products that do not have smell are found to have a different problem, that users experience a neck pain even after many days of regular use.

Considering the cost of these anti snoring pillows and the different negative experiences of people, not many medical practitioners recommend these as a preferred snoring solution.


If a patient is snoring because of the unique anatomy of the nasal cavity, throat, nose or mouth which is adding to the permanent snoring problem, only then a doctor recommends a surgery. There are only a few procedures that doctors can do to help stop snoring and it may have better results than others but can be quite painful for quite some time. The most commonly known snoring surgery is the Pillar procedure and its results vary depending on the patient's unique needs and success of the procedures.