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Snoring Mouthpiece
1. TheraSnore Snoring Mouthpiece

TheraSnore is a mandibular advancement device that is a dental appliance, similar to a gum shield but is used to treat mild sleep apnoea. It is designed to hold your jaw and tongue forward when you are sleeping to increase the space at the back of your throat.

Fitting a Self Fit TheraSnore is very simple and quick. You will get the full fitting instructions along with the device to help you fit your TheraSnore within 10 minutes and Stop Snoring from the very same night.

Competitive features of TheraSnore Snoring Mouthpiece:
2. SnoreMedsT -
Stop Snoring Mouthpieces

SnoreMedsT now comes in two sizes "the Original Fit" which is recommended for men & "the Small Fit mouthpiece" which is narrower & has slightly deeper bite for women.

SnoreMedsT mouthpieces are made from FDA cleared hyperallergenic thermoplastic that is BPA and latex free. Unlike many other mandibular devices SnoreMeds mouthpieces are comfortable to wear with emergency holes to allow breathing through the mouth if necessary. Especially if the user has sinus problem, these little holes also prevent the excess saliva build up during sleep.

Competitive features of SnoreMedsT mouthpieces
3. sleepPro Easifit Mouthpiece

The sleepPro Easifit is a cost-effective snoring treatment that actually works. It is a custom developed mouthpiece up to 40 times more affordable than other dentally fitted anti snoring devices. It is easy to fit & adjust, recommended by medical practitioners to prevent snoring immediately.

The sleepPro Easifit mouthpiece uses the "boil and bite technology" to ensure it is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust without the help from a dentist. While a sleepPro Custom offers the maximum level of comfort and efficacy, many customers have experienced significant results and are fully satisfied with this product.

SleepPro Easifit is now also available in a "anti-microbial version" called SleepPro Easifit AM.

Competitive features of sleepPro Easifit mouthpiece