Exercise as a treatment for snoring
treatment for snoring

If done correctly and practiced regularly, exercise can prove to be the best treatment for snoring. It may take time in showing improvement, but the results are usually permanent. You can find a lot different exercises online that help prevent snoring, so I would not repeat too many here. Instead I have detailed below the body parts/muscles that you must focus to get the best out of your exercise routine.

Focus on your airway/throat

Signing is one of the most effective exercises that help reduce snoring. Starting with the vocal warm-ups like professional singers do (about 10 minutes before signing) and following with exercises that help open the diaphragm (like yawning). Else, try sticking your tongue out and smiling as big as you can. There are several similar exercises and practices you can go through to do this.

These and similar exercises would result in strengthening the muscles of your throat and would help in keeping your airway open even when you relax or sleep. By tightening these throat muscles you are less likely to narrow the airway during sleep and can really cut down on your snoring habit. In case you are a primary snorer, such exercises alone can completely eliminate the snoring problem.

Here you are focus on strengthening the muscles of tongue, jaw, face and throat. Most of such exercises are very simple and need just a few minutes of practice each day to show significant results.

Specific benefits of these exercises

When you work your tongue, for example, when sticking your tongue out and smiling big, the muscles that support your tongue get stronger as well. This will help you prevent falling backwards of your tongue during sleep even when you sleep straight on your back. When you try the facial workouts, like smiling as wide as you can, these support your airway a lot. This is because, tightening your facial muscles means toning all the muscles around your face including the throat muscles. Having toned muscles would mean no narrowing of your throat that eventually prevents snoring.

These exercises work very well and bring great results. Just think about it. Jaw & throat movements are interconnected. When you exercise your jaw muscles either your throat or face must contract to make it happen. So, even a little bit of facial workout will have direct effect on your throat muscles, which in-turn helps eliminate your snoring problem.