Prevent Snoring with simple lifestyle changes
Prevent Snoring

It is not just about giving your partner a sound sleep, but preventing snoring is more about avoiding long term side effects to your health. Occasional snoring is not very serious but if you are a habitual snorer, you can be at risk for serious health problems, including obstructive sleep apnea, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, obesity, low oxygen levels in blood and more.

The first step towards curing any disease is to understand its causes, which can be different from person to person. You may be snoring because of some old infection or muscle abnormality in your throat, or it may be due to some of your unhealthy/unsuitable lifestyle. Snoring mainly occurs when the airflow through your throat is physically obstructed, and this can be because of a combination of factors like: Being overweight or out of shape, Age, The way you're built, Nasal and sinus problems, Alcohol, smoking, and medications, Sleep posture and more.

Consult your doctor to understand you unique medical conditional causing your to snore. Or you can test yourself to understand your problem before consulting a doctor. Just note how and when you snore while sleeping.

Lifestyle changes to stop snoring

Lose weight - If you are overweight, then losing weight can help you reduce fatty tissue in your throat that causes snoring.

Exercise - Exercising all your body parts (especially the muscles in your throat) can help in toning the muscles in your throat, which in turn can prevent snoring.

Quit smoking - Smoking causes irritation in the nose and throat membranes which can block the airways and cause snoring. Quit smoking to see quick results.

Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, and sedatives - These are found to relax all body muscles including the throat muscles which may be causing you to snore.

Sleeping posture - Avoid sleeping straight on your back. This posture causes the tongue or throat muscles to fall backwards blocking the air flow, causing snoring.